I whole heatedly, without a doubt, highly recommend Joe Palisi as he is the key component to any party/function! My mother suggested we hire him to photograph my bridal shower back in May 2016 and he did an incredible job! He didn’t miss a beat and paid attention to every minute detail, which in retrospect, is the most meaningful and important part in captivating the special memories and ensuring that they last a lifetime! He is fun, energetic and detail oriented and knows how to capture the perfect photos that are spontaneous and fun. An additional bonus is that he is a great addition to any party as everyone loved him as he is able to capture the real deal, without making people feel staged and awkward. He made everyone laugh and feel at ease and very natural. He also has the uncanny ability to shed different types of light on the same photographs to make the outcome very different, depending on what style you like based on your individual preferences. His photographs are stellar and I can say with 100% confidence that he will be the best asset to any special day! He will capture the moments that you will take with you always and just as important, make the experience fun and enjoyable for all involved!!!

Valerie Bertoline

Joe did an amazing job. My girls were very comfortable with him. It was bittersweet but I am so glad we did it.

Rachel Shapiro Steiglederdesigner & artist